About High AF Coffee

“I grew up in a small town. My knowledge of coffee was just the good old percolator brewing whatever coffee that was popular. My love for coffee really began when I started traveling. I made it a mission to go to local cafes and bring home the local coffee. I love being able to share the variety of delicious brews with others. These experiences inspired me to take unique vacations, staying on coffee plantations, learning, and making amazing memories. After years of trying different coffees, from different parts of the world, roasted in a variety of profiles. I developed a taste for what I like. It seems appropriate that the next step is to offer a coffee of my own, and share that taste and passion with all of you.

So, open your beg, inhale the rich intoxicating aroma. Brew a cup of HIGH AF COFFEE, and share a little piece of my heart, and my passion.”


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DALTON, MA 01226